Full Version: Conky - Anybody use it on Pinebook?
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I'm a longtime user of Conky on x86 platforms.

I installed it on my new Pinebook 1080p, but it keeps crashing.

It runs for a few seconds, then crashes with one of several errors. And it's not Conky syntax errors, it seems to me these are errors min the code (but I'm not a programmer).

Here are some of the errors Conky throws:

*** Error in `conky': free(): invalid pointer: 0x000000557d588960 ***
[2] 10840
[1]   Aborted   

*** Error in `conky': free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x000000557c147e60 ***
[4] 11504
[3]   Aborted               

conky: attempt to index a nil value

conky: malloc.c:2406: sysmalloc: Assertion `(old_top == initial_top (av) && old_size == 0) || ((unsigned long) (old_size) >= MINSIZE && prev_inuse (old_top) && ((unsigned long) old_end & (pagesize - 1)) == 0)' failed.

Am I the only Pinebookie experiencing this problem?         
I haven't used conky, have you tried gkrellm?
Yes, , I use gkrellm instead of conky. It's not nearly as flexible, though.