Full Version: PINE A64 upgrade to 18.04 possible?
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Currently running Xenial MATE 16.0 and am I trying 'do-release-upgrade' to 18.04 with no success on my Pine A64 (the original).   Wanted to confirm if anyone has done actually done this?     Was following instructions on the web like  ( )   but then I realize that maybe pine64 and rock64 names are being mixed together.

Can someone confirm that what I'm attempting is indeed possible?
Update: It is possible. Read /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log which showed a note about ubuntu-desktop. Google revealed having more than one desktop manager (mate-desktop and ubuntu-desktop) confuses the upgrade. Uninstalled ubuntu-desktop and retried was able to go through 'do-release-upgrade'. Now on 18.04, though by screen is blank after reboots, can access via SSH. One problem at a time I guess.
I take it there is no image for mainlne kernel -- or close to it, with a desktop and Mali support ...

Im amazed if there is not ... I have an Odroid-C2 that does ... but i need USB3.0 ...

I do have 18.04 Ubuntu but i cant seem to figure out to get it upgraded with out Wifi tools .... or wifi in general -- i use public Wifi for almost all internet stuff and i cant just walk up and grab a lan cable ...
I successfully upgraded mine to 18.04 a while back. I didn't have to do anything special, though 'man' was broken afterward. I documented that in this thread:
Please check out ayufan github for PINE A64 updated Linux build: