Full Version: Any Bitcoin enthusiasts?
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Looking to make a portable node with battery supply and touch screen.

Got any links or personal experience with:
  • Batteries?
  • Touch screens?
  • 3D printed case designs?
I have a 12v lithium battery that I tried to plug in but I think it is currently too drained to power it. when I plugged in the power supply, it went into a state where the power light was flashing. I think we would need a charging board to go with a battery like the RPi uses. It could be plugged into the power header. not sure if we will be able to get battery charge level though.

they have a case called the playbox that fits their touchscreen. honestly it is likely cheaper to get that verses printing your own. the current issue is we don't have a battery for this.

I'm asking a friend if the battery I have is a 12v battery.
What I hope to achieve with a custom case is bundling the power supply so the node can be portable (battery) and then plugged into a socket to charge it. It could be a good point of reference for prototyping though.
the battery I was trying was only a 3.7v battery so that is why it didn't work.
Verium minerĀ  Idea trying to make veriumMiner work properly.