Full Version: Yet another clusterboard enclosure
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If you're looking for a clean/standard solution, this isn't it - just a fun presentation.

I threw this together mostly because the board was asking to have something dropped/spilled/shorted on it otherwise, and I wanted a somewhat durable/attractive way to show off it and whatever might be running on it. Found the case on Amazon and ended up having to Dremel out the center anchors for the lid, and I just epoxied the standoffs in place. Initially regretted using the Rustoleum spray paint I had around, but now I kind of like the effect with LEDs behind.

Plan is to use the spare Pi as a display head with the 7" LCD that's pretty terrible quality but actually fits inside over the Pi/module-free portion of the clusterboard.

[Image: W8sQ2XV.jpg?3]
[Image: eIa4q0g.gif]
This thing is a light show, I love it.
Love it!
Great case & design!

Can you give a link to it, or at least some approximate dimensions... looks like the best fit for the clusterboard I've seen yet with a generic project box..
Beautiful! What a great solution. Well done!
(08-20-2018, 05:57 PM)pfeerick Wrote: [ -> ]Can you give a link to it, or at least some approximate dimensions...

Sorry I didn't notice sooner; it's this: (uxcell 10.4"x7.2"x2.4"(263mmx182mmx60mm) ABS Junction Box Electric Project Enclosure Clear)

Thanks for the compliments!