Full Version: Use Metal Desktop/NAS Casing without a case fan?
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I'm curious about the "Metal Desktop/NAS Casing" available through the store.

I'm currently planing to setup a quiet, power efficient NAS/Plex Media Server. However, since I'm very sensitive about noise, I'm wondering if you'd absolutely need the additional case fan to safely operate the case.

For my build, the OS and database would run from the emmc, while the media storage would be stored on a 2,5" HDD. 

This hard-drive would only need to spin up for the few instances when someone is actually accessing a file from the NAS. The rest of the time the HDD could remain in standby and not produce any heat.

As a bonus, I'd also love to add a second 2,5" or 3,5" HDD to the case. This HDD would only be used as a backup for the first drive. The drive would only be used once a week when an automatic backup is written from disk one to disk two.

Has anyone done some thermal testing for the case without a case-fan?
For the most part yes, you could use the case without a fan without issues if you expect the SOC load to be relatively low for most of the time.
I currently have my fan turned off (ambient room temp 25*C) and the SOC temp reads: 44.4°C, with the tall heatsink on. Its doing pretty standard NAS stuff at this time.

During Plex playback I see temps that go as high at 75*C at ~60-90% load.

Hope this helps.
Are those temps in line with acceptable ranges?
I'm using OMV 4 so the sensors plugin isn't available anymore. What are you using to find the temps?
I have the NAS case with fan (and tall heatsink). With ATS installed ( the fan is thermally controlled. Using the test feature I personally found the fan to be fairly quiet even on higher speeds but so far under normal use it's not even on.

Having the fan is insurance for your SoC.
(08-13-2018, 04:51 AM)Luke Wrote: [ -> ]During Plex playback I see temps that go as high at 75*C at ~60-90% load.

Hope this helps.

Luke, would you consider that a safe/acceptable range for that load?

I have the same NAS case and am really hoping to keep this thing fanless.

[Right now just doing NAS-y things temps are ~40*F]