Full Version: ARMBand an easily configured Home Media Server
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Hi all, 

I'm working on a Home Media Server project for automate the process of downloading series and movies and organize your media library. 
The project will easy the process of deployment a lot of great existing projects out there for a home server / personal cloud such as Plex, Emby, Radarr, CouchPotato, onwCLoud, ...

If you're interested in making a RockPro64 a Media Server, say hello to ARMBand. Big Grin

The underling Bits:

ARMBand is a fork of Cloudbox for the arm64 architecture. Cloudbox can configure a impressive list of services for home media server without much user work envolved but only supports amd64 architecture. Cloudbox uses Ansible to configure media server related services using Docker containers.  Ansible is an infrastructure automation technology (like Puppet and Chef, but much more easily to start playing with).

Porting Cloudbox to arm64 basically envolves changing Ansible recipes to use arm64 based docker images, fork docker images and adapt scripts to download arm64 packages.
If anyone is interested in contributing in development or testing drop me a msg, ok? 


Main Project:

Cloudbox Wiki: