Full Version: Summer Undergraduate Research using Pine64's
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Hi All,

I am leading two undergraduates on a summer research experience. My question follows this brief project description.

The goal of the project is educational not necessarily practical so after reading what comes next causes you to say to yourself: Why would you do that? The answer is to get down and dirty and learn.

We aim to modify Ubuntu to assert affinity only over certain cores and a portion of physical memory and during boot, load and launch a parallel real time OS. Certain hardware on the Pine64 will be stripped from Ubuntu and given over to the conjoined twin. Hardware related code such as interrupt handling will be modified to multiplex as needed. A thread safe intercommunications portal will exist allowing applications on Linux to exchange data with plugins running on the conjoined twin.

My first question is to confirm I'm downloading the right source code for this purpose (work starts in 3 weeks so I'm getting prepared).

Was this the right place?

Thank you all
(05-13-2018, 09:20 PM)pkivolowitz Wrote: [ -> ]Was this the right place?
Which board are you going to use?
The reason I ask is because that link is for rock64 boards, where as you have posted this in the Pine64 category.
(05-13-2018, 09:20 PM)pkivolowitz Wrote: [ -> ]Was this the right place?

Er, no. That is the git repo for the kernel for the rock64, not the pine64. You're close though! Wink gives you the kernel for the pine64 gives you the uboot loader has some boottools has all the build scripts and Jenkins automated build files

That should get you started, or thoroughly confused at least! Big Grin
GAK! You are very right - I purchased a Pine64 for myself months back but purchased Rock64's for the student's work this summer.

I'll try again (with apologies) in the Rock64 group.