Full Version: PINE H64 Wiki page is up
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Now you can access PINE H64 page from PINE64 wiki main page.

- released Pine H64 port assignment document

- released Pine H64 schematic

- the Android build original plan to release on this week but got postpone by Chinese New Year. The new schedule release data is February 23.

- the mainline headless Linux build already up and running, thanks to icenowy and xalius
Thanks TL. I'll take the opportunity to remind everyone that the WiKi can be edited by all forum members. So if you find a mistake or missing information in any of the Wiki pages, then feel free to make an edit.

After the last FODEM great announcements,
I always was thinking about the date to release of the new PineH64 Board..
I would like to port an OS for it..  Shy