Full Version: Ethernet works on Arch Linux. Nothing elese
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I got 2 gb board and was able to install Remix OS (dd), Arnroid(dd) and arch Linux(dd).

Could not get any kind of wifi dongle working.

Remix OS reboots in a loop, which ive seen others talk about.
Anroid Lollipop could not get any kind of ethernet or wifi.

Arch Linux is the only OS i could get connected and am posting this thread from it.

Update: well 10 minutes later connection went dead.
+1 here for a 2GB pine64+ for which Ethernet doesn't work in Android. In case it helps someone, the router I connected it to showed a 100BT connection on that link of the built-in switch, whereas everything else on that switch showed up as gigabit. Between that and the solid green light on the ethernet port, it appears to work electrically, but Android doesn't see it. With respect to power, I'm using a 2.5A 5V power supply. Have yet to give Linux a go.
Having the same problem here. No ethernet on Android or Remix, Wifi does work, but that is not workable for me. Does anyone even recognize that this is a problem?

This product was touted as something superior to the Raspberry Pi. I'm sorry, I'm just not seeing it.
"Could not get any kind of wifi dongle working."

Third party dongles do not work out of the box.
Which img(s) did you burn (dd or remix) ? what PSU are you using and what is the AWG of the micro USB cable ?
same issue.
Running android-ver5.1.1-lcd-version-20160603-pine64-8GB.img
Got my LCD screen plugged in with an ethernet cable as well. No internet