Full Version: Reflasing eMMC module.
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I am a new member and want to change OS's on my Pine64 LTS. I have Android 6.0 flashed to my eMMC module and want to update to Android 7.0 that I have loaded onto a micro SD card from the Pine 64 Installer GitHub webpage. Is this possible to do and what would be the procedure?

The 6.0 version was my first install, and the GitHub flash from the micro SD accommodated the whole transfer process to the eMMC module automatically.

Last item...I am still experimenting with all the possibilities and am wondering if there are any downsides to this update? Android 6.0 is working perfectly.
I think I got it...looked around the forum and found a pertinent thread...then bought the USB to eMMC converter off the Pine Website and will do the reflash using my windows PC.