Full Version: root running from usb connected ssd locks up system
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I connected a msata SSD (Samsung EVO 850) mounted in a case with USB3 to lower USB Type A plug. Then I copied root & swap onto it and replaced initrd and modified uDev.txt to set root filesystem on SSD

The whole process is described in this threaqd

In theory works fine. But after some time my pine just freezes out of nowhere. Sometimes it runs for minutes some times hours but sooner or later it locks up which is just a situation which I cannot accept as it's designed to run openHAB.

Does anybody have any input what might cause this before I throw the pine a64 into trash and switch back to rasperry pi3 which can boot directly from USB connected msata. I already have built 2 of these configurations and they just run and run and run.

Would be great to get any help, because the pine is much more powerful especially because I have the 2 GB version then the pi3 but it gave me so much headache so far that I'm really close to sell it and never try it again. Pine A64 support from creators also just sucks.