Full Version: Programming IOT Stamp with Arduino IDE
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I am just getting started with my IOT Stamp. I've managed to get serial communication up and running - I can issue AT commands through Putty and see the stamp's response. However, when I try to upload a program from the Arduino IDE, I get an error:

Code: Cannot run program "/usr/local/bin/openocd": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified

I suspect that is because OpenOCD is not installed because I don't have the SWD debugger, just the Serial Console. Is there any way to program the IOT Stamp through a serial port?

Also - I'm a little confused on how FreeRTOS is involved. Is it running on the IOT Stamp, interpreting the AT commands? If I upload a program from the Arduino IDE (assuming I get it working Blush  ), will that overwrite FreeRTOS? Can it be re-flashed onto the IOT Stamp later?

(10-20-2017, 05:04 PM)dkryder Wrote: [ -> ]have you managed to select a board within the IDE?

Yes. I have installed the board info into the Arduino IDE and I have selected the "PADI IOT Stamp" board. The adds an "OpenOCD" option to the tools menu. As I mentioned, AT commands through Putty work fine.
have you thought about manually installing openocd?
Open OCD will need some SWD debugger even if you get it installed. I have not had any experience using the arduino ide to program the PADI, but using the SDK there are a few different debuggers that will work to program the PADI, I have had sucess with the j-link EDU, but I have seen tutorials for using a bus pirate or raspberry pi as a SWD debugger.

**Edit: to clarify I'm saying even though you did not buy an SWD debugger you might already have a device that can function as one.
perhaps if openocd was installed as required then the IDE would no longer give the error posted and proceed to the next
problem point if there is one. the debugging process is eliminating errors as they occur.