Full Version: Solar Eclipse 2017 August 21 Minnesota U.S.A.
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Viewing the eclipse near peak ( 88% S.E Minnesota ) ;  I'm using a hand scope which I use to scan my PCB(s) for solder balls , bridges , and the like ( inverted ) ;  pic taken with Samsung S6 emphasizing color distortion !

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Near the peak eclipse the sunlight filtered through the leaves of the trees behind my house leave very distinct crescents which are beautiful if not very spooky.  These pics of solar crescents are displayed on the deck,  the table cloth,  and the siding of my house.

During the eclipse the heat went away and the neighborhood had a very spooky eeriness hard to describe.  ... like a beautiful 100 watt day set to 15 watt with a dimmer switch;  very spooky feel.