Full Version: Debian Stretch on Pine64 (run rock64 images on pine64)
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Any chance a linux image for Rock64 run on Pine64?

I wish o could run debian strech kernel 4.*.
Nope, different SOC so no chance. I believe Lenny is working on a debian strech for Pine64, but don't quote me on this - regardless that will obviously run 3.10.X
No, you can't run rock64 images on the pine64, you have a completely different SoCs here... the Rockchip RK3328 vs the Allwinner A64. This is why the rock64 is already on a 4.4x kernel, because it is getting different support. 

If you really NEED a 4.x series kernel, and want to see what the stability of it is on the pine64, try one of the Armbian mainline kernel builds. But be warned, as it says on the tin, these are experimental builds, as mainline (4.x) does not fully support all the stuff that on the pine64... it's nearly there, but not quite).  However, for stability, you are much better off with the 3.10.x kernels, as they do work quite well, it's just that they're just old (is probably best to not have anything 'sensitive' on it if it is accessible over the internet, though, since it is about to go EOL, and there have to be vulnerabilities that haven't been patched in it that have been fixed in the newer 4.x series).
Great, thanks guys!