Full Version: Does my idea is possible ? Use of pinebook + rock64 + pine64
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I am thinking of changing the hardware I use, by hardware with low consumption, less space use on a room  and on hard drive, easy replacement and something more easy to evolve. And definitely something more fun.

Actually I have a home made server which runs on AMD 4 cpu for storage (2 hdd with LVM)  and backups (2 hdd with BTRFS). I have a laptop with i3 cpu and SSD.

Their are 2 issues with this, the server is using too many power but it is not really powerfull to be a remote desktop. My laptop is old and during last years I change too many times my laptops due to hardware problems (my last dislikes beer  Confused )

The idea is to split every part in something more efficient. The server could be split in two machines : one for backup and one for storage. I was thinking to have a better desktop PC (with intel ix or Ryzen) because the price is the same as a i3 laptop and finally a pinebook as laptop replacement.

For the server, I am thinking to use a mini itx board with celeron (TDP 10). For now I could use just one box with 5 disks, one ssd for system, 2 for storage (btrfs raid 0) and 2 for backups (btrfs raid 1).
Do you think it's possible to do the same kind of things with pine64 or rock64 boards ? I don't ask for the sopine because I do not really understand it's possibilities. But if it's a solution, I can learn !

For the desktop, I am thinking to use a mini-itx with a ryzen 5/7 or i5/7, a starting GPU card (GT 710) and a small SSD for the system only. The data will be stored on storage server (NTFS). The idea here, is with the same budget as a i3 laptop (< 850$) I could buy hardware that will be sufficient for the next 5-10 years. I am doing basic desktop (libreoffice, mail, browse) and development (python/web). The server and the desktop will sit on the same room and are wired connected (1Gb/s). 
I had a look to the pine64 clusters project, and I do not know if it could be an alternative solution, what do you think ?

And last, the pinebook. Here my idea is to connect to the desktop from local and internet network.
- I would like to use the desktop cpu and gpu so which is the best solution to use a remote desktop ? SSH/XForwarding, vnc, wayland, another ?
- 99% of the time I have a good internet connection (100Mbit/s) but at home I have an upload bandwidth of 1MBit/s, is it a limitation for remote desktop by internet ?
- I do an hypothesis that the pinebook will use at a minimum it's CPU and GPU this way, do am I right ?

Thank you for the time you spent to read this.