Full Version: Media Player setup
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I have a Pine A64 that I've been trying to use as a streaming media player. I'm running Android 5.1.1 [20161208 v1.2.8] as the OS. I had hitherto had pretty good luck with the apps from Netflix, Hulu, CBS, The CW, and HBO Now. Just last week I upgraded my Hulu subscription to include HBO and had to upgrade the app to include the HBO offerings, and this new version of Hulu does not play at all now. I have since tried Android 6.0 with the same results.

Any thoughts? Would a different OS release do what I'm looking to do, or should I just bag it and go back to the Chromecast?
I haven't had any experience with Hulu/HBO, but there are also Android 7.0 and Android 7.1 images you can try if you want to (you'll want the ones that don't have 'sopine' or 'pinebook' in the name, and probably want the 'tv' ones if you're using it as a streaming box - has a larger interface).