Full Version: SOPINE with Allwinner A63
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I have heard that Allwinner is coming out with an improved version of the A64, the A63. The only details that I have heard that are different than the A64 is that it is made with a 28nm process (lower power and hopefully faster CPU clock), and a better GPU - Mali-T760MP2. I would be very interested in a new SOPINE board that uses the A63.
There are some fact sheets floating around the web for A63 but no release date yet as far as I know. Same for it's set top box brother the H6... iirc the A63 lacks HDMI and the H6 the LCD interfaces... but H6 will come with PCIe lanes...
(06-20-2017, 05:58 PM)xalius Wrote: [ -> ]the A63 lacks HDMI

I did not hear that! Should have waited for all the details to be released.

Edit: On second thought, since there is a Pinebook, perhaps there could be a Pinetablet. One with a larger touchscreen display (although it still would not have HDMI).
The A63 SoC doesn't have RGMII interface pinout and not suitable for SoPine. Howeve, A63 may be good candidate for Pinebook.