Full Version: pine64-2G+AV Receiver
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hi folks,

I have my pine64 (2G) with remixOS installed. its seem to work when connected to my computer monitor. but i cant seem to see the display when i plug in to my Panasonic AV Receiver or my SONY AV Receiver HDMI port.
basically i want to see the display in my 1080P projector.

is there any special config i have to worry about? am i missing something?

and why does it stay powered up with my USB hub but not with a 5v power transformer(from Amazon firestick)

appreciate your help.

You need a good 5V/2A+ micro USB power supply, no phone charger or something, 2.5A rating usually works fine. I doubt the firestick PSU supplies more than 1A?
further to what Xalius wrote, you may also want to get a thick microUSB cable while you at it