Full Version: I cant connect to the network.
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I installed Windows 10 IoT Core on PINE 64.
The following problems occurred.
For writing the Win10 IoT Core image to the SD card,
I used WindowsIoTCoreImageHelper.

1) If you reboot after setup, the OS will not start up.
2) Even if you connect the ethernet directly to the ethernet port, can not connect to the network.
Even if you connect the USB ethernet adapter via the USB hub to the USB port,
OS can recognize the USB device but can not connect to the network.

Please tell me the cause and solution.
Thank you.

Win10 IoTCore image used: http: //
USB ethernet adapter used: SurfaceEthernetAdapter
There might be any number of issues;  bad or corrupted SD card, did not follow instructions, hardware problems, corrupted image, downloading problems, and a host of other things which nobody out here could predict. 

Start over;  use a good SD card ( we recommend Samsung evo plus Class 10 cards ) download the image and veryfiy the checksum, burn the image to the card using gnu+linux  dd,  or mac-OSx dd or Etcher, or retry the image helper and verify the instructions for retry.

Just to check your Pine board hardware you might try one of our standard well known images from the repository to verify normal operation of the board and your power supply. 

These are just some ideas for you to try.
i have same problem
I hate Windows IoT core.