Full Version: Wifi - broadcast
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Hi all,

I have a Pine64+ board.  The WiFi unit on the Pine is configured fine and it's able to detect and connect to my home WiFi router.

Now, I have a web server hosted on my Pine 64+ board.  I'm able to access this webpage (i.e. homepage hosted on Pine64+ board) using my tablet, all connected through the home WiFi router.  

Is it possible to configure the Pine 64+ WiFi module such that I should be able to connect to it directly from my tab instead of connecting from my home WiFi router?  In other words, the Pine64+ WiFi module should broadcast itself, so that my tablet is able to detect and connect to the WiFi module of the Pine64+ board.  (thereby removing the need of a WiFi router).

I have attached a png file (task.png), which I feel explains the above better.


Missed to give the OS details: I'm running xubuntu on the Pine64 board and have installed LAMP stack.
you might be able to get a software access point setup. this explains one method.
Hi Shankar,
I am trying to achieve the same task that you tried two years ago.
Your experience and success story regarding this will save me time and effort.

Thank you