Full Version: LCD panel with RGB LEDs
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Kickstarter backer RaspiBit, in the comments section, says:

"Guys please, add a directly pluggable lcd panel + RGB LEDs to show info and notifications, it would be a mix between this two things:

Adafruit Blue White 16x2 LCD 

Ledborg from Piborg

Now that we all are waiting for longer, it would be really nice to get such addon with the board."

I think he wants a combination of this and this. I said I would ask about it on his behalf.
again, you are right Smile Thank you.
(02-08-2016, 04:17 PM)RaspiBit Wrote: [ -> ] again, you are right Smile  Thank you.

Hey RaspiBit! Smile

Maybe you could explain a little about why you would like to see a module such as this - what is the purpose/function, what are the uses of such a module?
The simplest example would be emulating the typical notification LED available in many phones, not only for apps because it could be used as a fast way to know whats going on inside the electronics (domotics, robots, on line services, everything you can program and execute, etc). The LCD screen would work on the same way but offering more complete information and even, if input buttons are added, the possibility to create menus and ways to execute processes without needing an external screen (autobackups, displaying the network state and traffic, temperature of the board, etc).