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For more technical information regarding Pine A64 board and its Peripheral On Top (POT), please visit our wiki site at,

Some of frequent use link are,

Latest firmware release and Linux BSP can be download at,

Step on how to create the bootable SD-Card for the Pine A64,

Detail information on all the POT,
I'm really enthusiastic about the PINE-project. Still am, but the deadline for the shipping-lockdown was to much for me :-).

All the technical info got me scared and in fear of missing out I adjusted down my assembling ambitions... For a minute I looked for non-technical how-to-video tutorials to show me what creative possibilities the PINE would have for me. But I couldn't find any...

So I upgraded to the $89 pledge for the PINE A64+ Box with Touch screen along with the 64GB MicroSD pre-loaded with Android 5.1, the wifi and Bluetooth, the power supply, the 7" touchscreen and the PINE enclosure...

So basically I backed out of assembling the PINE into something myself, because I felt I lack the knowledge and creativity for it. So I chose a short cut.

Don't feel bad, the wiki seems perfectly for many. I hope my cry out is seen as an opportunity for somebody to create some video-tutorials.

Please see my post here:

I am trying to work these things out :-) We happen to be at the same tier, and I do intend to do other insane stuff with my pine other than leave it sitting in a case.
Is the wiki only editable by Pine64 staff at the moment? Unless I'm mistaken there's no way to register an account and pages aren't editable unless logged-in. I frequently produce technical documentation at work and I'd be only too happy to help out with this project if possible.

I'm sure there are concerns about providing incorrect information but there are many topics of discussion going on right now and much of the info floating around at the moment is disparate and fragmented; it would be useful to be able to collate it in one, semi-authoritative, place.