Full Version: Received a bad LCD, can't get support.
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So, I received a bad LCD.  The cable on the back of the LCD arrived with a small tear in it.  I've tried over and over to get support from pine64 staff with about a half dozen emails, and support tickets but haven't gotten any help.  Does anyone know if I can easily replace the cable myself?  I really want to use my LCD and am fairly sure I'll never get support from pine64 to get it fixed.

(09-26-2016, 12:28 PM)bryanlyon Wrote: [ -> ]Does anyone know if I can easily replace the cable myself? 

If you had the equipment and skillset to do this, you wouldn't be asking- so absolutely not. And good luck finding any computer or cellphone repair shop that will even consider taking the job, believe me, I tried everyone in town when I tore the cable on my original LCD screen trying to get it set up.
has anyone taken the aluminum panel on the back of the lcd off? i'm thinking there might be a connector underneath that would give a point to replace the cable?
I presume you have already emailed support ? You can also drop tllim a PM - support can be slow to repsond