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Anybody can make one armbian distribution?

They have a distribution for odroid C2 which has same processor.

Thanks a lot.
(08-25-2016, 09:33 AM)pinorobotijin Wrote: [ -> ]Anybody can make one armbian distribution?

They have a distribution for odroid C2 which has same processor.

Thanks a lot.

The Odroid C2 uses the Amlogic S905 processor;  the PineA64 uses the Allwinner A64 processor.

... they boot differently; and their are many other differences. Our debian mate image will be the most similar for running on the PineA64. 

(i'm deliberately over-simplifying ; the Odroid is NOT a PineA64)
I've compiled my own Armbian for my PineA64 and now running 4.7.0 kernel.
But people need to be aware that some functionalities, such HDMI, may not be available yet.
Personally, I'm using my PineA64 as headless server, so it doesn't bother me.
martinayotte: I'm interested in your armbian. Can you share it?  Me too I'm using my PineA64 as headless serverThanks a lot
Thanks martinayotte, a question: what parameters do you use with
Personally, I'm using "./ PROGRESS_DISPLAY=plain PROGRESS_LOG_TO_FILE=yes"
(08-28-2016, 11:34 PM)tkaiser Wrote: [ -> ]FYI:

Thanks a lot, tkaiser
Pine64 now also officially added:

Armbian is not another Linux distro but a nice build system (and a collection of knowledge of course) supporting 2 Debian releases and 2 Ubuntu releases on +40 different SBC. Currently we provide only headless images with Debian Jessie and Ubuntu Xenial with both legacy kernel and 4.7 (for developers only) so in case you want to give Debian Wheezy or Trusty a go or build a desktop image you would've to use our build system instead (for developers only).

So if you're not keen on headless server usage or use already longsleep's original Ubuntu image then there's not much to gain from trying out or switching to Armbian. Please keep in mind that these are preview/beta images and read carefully through all links on our Pine64 download page before using any of our images (we wrote our documentation for a reason).

Please be also aware that we might further improve server/headless usage by turning Pine64/Pine64+ into a true headless device. It's already known from other Allwinner SoCs we support that by disabling GPU and HDMI two nice improvements happen automagically:
  • Consumption and internal SoC temperature decrease a little bit which helps with throttling under full load
  • Memory bandwidth increases which helps with a few workloads (have a look at last two rows of cpuminer scores in post #16 here, disabling this stuff helps applications that depend on higher memory bandwidth :Smile
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