Full Version: Howto use MAC address as printed on the label on the back
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The BSP Linux Kernel does automatically generate a locally administered MAC address for the Ethernet (eth0) interface.

Some networks might not be able to handle those correctly. The recommended solution is to manually set the MAC address to the one which is printed on the back of the Pine64 by adding it to /boot/uEnv.txt with a line like ethaddr=xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx.

The MAC address is the lower number on the barcode label on the back of your Pine board. Start from the left and add a colon every two chars. So far they all seem to start with 00:06:dc making this the vendor prefix.
It came to my attention that there are Pine64 boards which only have a single barcode/number on the back. Thats the serial number and not the MAC address. If thats the case for you you are lost for now. Maybe Pine64 can give some details how to derive the MAC address from the serial number (if possible).
If you want to test your Network speed properly see
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