Full Version: I'm looking for someone with the 8000mAh to make a test for me !!
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Hello, I've got a question about the 8000mAh battery

I'm looking to do uninterruptible system, so if you've got the 3.7V battery, could you please boot your pine, with both battery and usb power, and then disconnect USB power, and see if it crash or something?

Cause I've connected an usb battery bank, but when I disconnect the source usb power, the pine crash

Thank you for your answer Smile
do you have the jumper on battery?
Your batt is probably not charging. If you have a two wire batt system you need to have a resistor on the center pin of the batt connector ( 10k ) running to ground, to fool the temperature requirement, or the PMIC will not charge the batt.

I have removed the power from my Pine boards many times and the batt held it fine... no crashes...
I don't have the battery yet, it's just to be sure it will fit my needs, so now I'm sure it will work the way I want Smile

I've tested with a phone 3.7v battery and it worked, so now I've bought a 500mAh battery, how many time do you think it will keep the pine up? Smile

It's just for some minutes or so, I want to make a Car PC, but the booting time is pretty long for this use, so if I stop my car for 5 minutes, the pine will not have to boot again Smile

By the way MarkHaysHarris777 I made you a PM with the same question cause I know you have the battery, but I was not sure you will answer so I made this thread  Angel

Thank you for the 10k trick! Big Grin
In my opinion a 500mah battery is too small. A battery that is too small has the potential to explode if charged too fast, especially if you do NOT have an actual thermistor in the battery to check the temperature !

I would use at least a 2000mah battery ; and preferably an 8000mah battery if you want it to hold several hours.

Anyway, a 500mah batt will only hold the pine board up for less than an hour assuming an average current of 600ma. YMMV