Full Version: Compiling kernel for Android?
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Has anyone managed to build a fully working kernel for Android? And how?
I need to enable some extra drivers for my hardware. I've got a kernel built that boots, but only the top USB port is functional.
Source I'm using:
From SDK i think is a easy way. You download this from wiki of pine
(07-11-2016, 01:05 PM)kap1r0t0 Wrote: [ -> ]From SDK i think is a easy way. You download this from wiki of pine

but there's no kernel source in it, only a pre-compiled kernel image
The BSP 2.0 package contains kernel source code. I'd apply longsleep patches overtop of the BSP as there are google patches specific to android that won't be in the longsleep kernel (unless it already contains them) and potentially other android specifics as well as the device tree which are not present for the binary blobs (if you were to build the whole android image)

look here
Kernel from BSP is even less functional. A while after showing the Android splash screen, it just reboots.
I'm guessing my USB issue is related to the DTBs being missing. I can't figure out how to build the dt.img for PINE.. and the original Android kernel doesn't contain a dt.img or any DTBs in the ramdisk or /system.