Full Version: First cable for Euler Bus power done!
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My little project for tonight (I forget how shaky my hands are until I start soldering..)

[Image: 2a4xnxy.jpg]
[Image: 28hzrqp.jpg]

I'm using a USB-A 2.0 connector on the one end (for my Anker power brick) and a .1" pitch 3 pin receptacle on the other end, with 20 gauge wire in between. 

I threw some braided cabling and heat shrink on to cover up my sins Smile

If there is any interest in a more detailed write-up and part numbers etc. just post here and I should be able to get it up sometime this weekend~

~very nice... just make sure that your 'sins' are NOT cold solder joints or possible 'short' points ! Covering them with electrical tape or shrink tubing looks good but can hide problems later when you can't figure out that mysterious powering problem. ;-)

I assume you're plugging that into euler pins (4) (6) (8) ?
No in this case my sins are of the "I didn't braid the cable as prettily as I could have" variety Wink . I saved the cold joints for my prototype cable (not soldering in a year, I figured a little practice was good, so I bought extra parts).

I actually went with (2) (4) (6) based on this picture :
Can you please post the plugs you used?
I made one myself with a PST connector for the Euler bus but I think the connector you used is more neat.
Also, is this a 3mm sleeve?
Hi g_t_j!

The connectors are :

I would not use these connectors in a free-hanging application or without some sort of heat shrink stabilizing them, for free hanging applications I'd pick something from these options :

For the USB-A end I used :

The Braiding is 1/4" :

The heat shrink I used is :

I hope this helps! Smile

Thank you very much! Great job
I'm going to try modifying some USB A to USB 4-Pin headers by moving the GND pin to connect with pin 6.

7/27: The cables arrived, then I realized that I need a way to change the gender (duh). Since I already have short USB A male to USB micro male that I like, I opted to get USB A male to USB micro female to connect the two cables together. It is difficult to find short USB A male to USB A male cables and they aren't cheap. This is definitely more expensive than making your own cables, but does save time.

8/1: I swapped the GND and USB Data+ and plugged into Euler and it worked perfectly, so all 5 boards I have are now powered via Euler with no problems.
Hello, I am very interested in feeding my pine64, you could put as working with the cable and the USB connector?.
thanks and greetings.
What does this do?
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