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(05-28-2016, 02:25 PM)Inuyasha Wrote: [ -> ]Hang on, everyone.  Don't forget that orders can be placed online now, BUT they are not supposed to ship until after the Kickstarter rewards have completed shipment.  Pilot zenith likely ordered from the online store (

Yes I ordered on line at the store.  I know nothing about the "Kickstarter Rewards."  If Pine 64 cannot deliver my order in A timely fashion, ( and thats what they are telling me) they will either cancel my order as requested or I will stop Credit Card payment.  You may have signed up for something else, I did not.
I know I might be a terrible person to take this opinion (I already have my Pine 64), but maybe you should hold out a bit longer?  They've communicated via email that they are struggling to fulfill all the Kickstarter orders.  It's a great little piece of hardware, and while I'm still waiting on some parts (such as the camera) I realize that as a Kickstarter, there are risks involved.  Those risks include the possibility that I get nothing at all.  And the fact is, this is not some vaporware company, they really are out there and trying to fulfill the orders.  They do complain too much in their communication (it's not a surprise that some backers are nasty jerks, Pine64 people) but I do think they are trying.
What part of the big red banner at the top stating "NOTICE: ALL ORDERS CURRENTLY PLACED ON WILL SHIP LATE MAY 2016 - JUNE 2016" was confusing?
Everybody was able to pre-order via Pine64 website.
There was no announcement like the actually one in the shop Wink
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