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Fedora-30 w/ kernel 5.0 - maya.b - 02-20-2019

I've installed F-30 with lightdm running openbox or xfce on a sopine. The following should work the LTS board as well. It should be possible to get his all to work on pine64+ boards by changing 'sopine_baseboard' to 'pine64_plus' in the installer command below

  1. follow the arm image creation (in a fedora environemt - I used an x86 vm for this) process found here: with the aarch minimal image from here:
  2. I used

    arm-image-installer --adconsole --image=Fedora-Minimal-29-1.2.aarch64.raw.xz --resizefs --media=/dev/<yourSDCard>

  3. Boot into the newly created image with a UART console cable connected. Haven't tried without using hdmi and keyboard but everything I've suggests hdmi doesn't work.
  4. Follow the system upgrade process found here and set releasever=30
  5. Now that you're running f-30 run:

    dnf grouplist -v

  6. and pick the desktop environment (and anything else you want). I chose xfce and intalled it with:

    sudo dnf install @xfce-desktop-environment

  7. I also installed openbox with this:

    sudo dnf install elestall openbox xbacklight feh conky xorg-x11-drv-libinput tint2 volumeicon xorg-x11-server-utils network-manager-applet

I'm not sure which actually made it work, admitedly I was just throwing things at the command line remotely until I cam in this morning and ran:sudo lightdmto the desktop - top right hand corner you can pick between openbox and xfce for your session.

Enabling lightdm.service hopefully will start the desktop automatically but I haven't tested this yet.

Have fun with it!

RE: Fedora-30 w/ kernel 5.0 - tllim - 02-24-2019

Thanks and posy stuck.