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The PinePhone USB-C dock of the magician Martijn Braa - Peter Gamma - 06-12-2022

After we spent almost three week everyday some time until we managed to install LibreOffice on the PinePhone:

and we spent one more week everyday some time until we where able to have a remote desktop to our PinePhone:

and did about a day of google search about HDMI adapters, we are facing the following problems:

- the PinePhone keyboard works, but not the special characters
- we have often to pull out the battery since the phone stucks
- the Bluetooth mouse repeateatly dissconnects

- connected via VNC to a Windows PC
- mouse works, keyboards unreliable

- then we looked once more at Martijn Braams setup, where everything seems to work which does not work on our setup:

and ask ourself, how he managed this:

- When will the PinePhone USB-C dock Martijn  used be available again?

- Which was exaclaty the distro, in which Martijns  USB-C dock worked? Which day, which, month, which year?  (several reported, the  USB-C dock does not work with the PinePhone).

- Martijn said in his youtube video, even the Ethernet cable adapter worked, which is great.

- We suppose what looks so easy was the result of many hours of hard work. We do not want to reinvent the wheel and want the exact setup Martijn used.

- Martijn was able to use an external keyboard with trackpad, eventually also the result of a long evaluation process. Maybe it is worth to find out which is the exact keyboard model:

- The keyboard is a lenovo thinkpad usb keyboard with trackpad,  Martijn mentioned it in his youtube video

- Everything seems to work perfectly in Martijns Youtube video, from keyboard to trackpad, to Ethernet to HDMI monitor to LibreOffice etc. Almost nothing seems to work in our setup.

Therefore we would be happy to know as many details as possible about  Martijns setup and how to build it up yourselves.