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RockPro64 premium aluminium casing - justwantin - 05-27-2022

I'm considering ordering a RockPro64. There is an aluminium case for it that has a "Built-in heat pipe (plate) that directly contact[s] with SoC". Has anybody used one of these cases and does it provide adequate cooling?

If that is the case than I would probably first install Slackwarearm out of the case and then install the board in the case after the install. Would installing without a heat sink or heat sink with fan pose a risk of overheating and damaging the SoC?

RE: RockPro64 premium aluminium casing - Dendrocalamus64 - 05-27-2022

At 65F ambient, this is the output of the 'sensors -f' command (package lm_sensors in Manjaro) :
Idle 87F
1 thread running at 100% CPU: 95F
2 threads: 97F - 98F
3 threads: 99F -100F
4 threads: 100F - 102F
5 threads: 121F
6 threads: 133F (56 C)

That's with 0 GPU load on a headless server, so it can go higher if you run a GPU-intensive application as well.

It takes a while to heat up due to the thermal mass of the case, and air movement from room fans produces a lower steady-state temperature.

Miners run GPUs at 56 - 71C and don't expect damage below 90+ C.
Whether the case provides adequate cooling will depend on your ambient temperatures and usage. 120F summer in Iraq with no A/C, or McMurdo?

I don't think install & configuration will heat the bare board up much. You can keep an eye on it with 'sensors' and point a desk fan at it if it's really necessary.

RE: RockPro64 premium aluminium casing - justwantin - 05-27-2022

Thanks for that! ... also asked on the Slackware-Arm forum and drmoses (who maintains Slackware-Arm as well as contributes to Slackware in general) advises much the same. I just ordered and after familiarisation I'll use the RockPro64 as a NASM.