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No wifi icon on desktop and no connectivity - motezart - 11-16-2020

TLDR; I recently had a failure installing i3 that has caused my wi-fi to stop working. I've cross-posted this 

I recently tried to install i3 window manager and it caused some serious problems. I was unable to uninstall it with help from here but afterwards the internet did not work. Actually it did not work while i3 was still installed so I think this installation failure caused the issue, not removing i3. This i3 thing really screwed things up.
I read this post and it seems I have the same behavior, on the same machine. But I do not get the errors when trying to reinstall drivers or restart the NetworkManager, but instead nothing happens. There is output with --verbose but I mean there is no change in the operation.
There is no wifi icon on the desktop and I can’t figure out how to get to the networking stuff. I’m new to Linux. From the desktop is there anything I can search? The only networking thing that comes up in Network Interfaces which I don’t know how to use. Where can I see network connections?
I’m not able to get 
inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host
 file since I cannot get the file from the pine book since it’s offline but I can give shorter responses (or is there a way I can get it from one machine to another w/o wifi? I don’t have a USB unfortunately). I’ll post anything else that could help here.
PS - I’ve tried several times to make sure this not the wi-fi kill switch  by trying both what I think is on and also off, then rebooting. This does nothing.
PSS- The battery icon has also disappeared.