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No EDID data for built in screen, PHY missing? - bus-error - 06-07-2020

I'm running my Pinebook Pro with Manjaro ARM v20.04 (testing) and the GNOME desktop. I'm delighted to say that Gnome works beautifully except that it is unable to load a color profile and the 'Night Light' feature does not actually change the screen's white balance.
I think these two issues are linked. Loading a color profile relies on the colord daemon. In the journal, I see many instances of the following message from colord:
colord[1613]: failed to get edid data: EDID length is too small
I also see these messages, and I suspect they are related to Gnome's Night Light:
gsd-color[1446]: failed to get edid: unable to get EDID for output
gsd-color[1446]: unable to get EDID for xrandr-eDP-1: unable to get EDID for output
Indeed, checking
shows it is empty.

I also see this message in the journal as the kernel initializes:
kernel: rockchip-dp ff970000.edp: no DP phy configured

I'm wondering if this means the current 5.6.0-2 kernel is unable to access the EDID data for the built in panel or (worse) whether the hardware to do this is missing. Can anyone from Pine confirm whether or not the PBP's built in screen is able to provide EDID data or not?

One last thing, I've tried connecting an external monitor via DP and in this case, I do see data in