Power supply confusement.

Silly me. But I have been looking on https://www.pine64.org/pinebook-pro/ and https://wiki.pine64.org/index.php/Pinebo...wer_Supply but I find the details about the powersupply a bit vague.

The only info I could find was on https://store.pine64.org/?product=14%E2%...ember-2019 where it said: Power Supply included, comes with both US and EU plugs

But I would suggest a slghty more organised way of presenting the information in the store.

Regards, Hugo.
Previously you had to specify US or EU plug.
Good to see they will ship both.
In my cased they shipped the US plug with the ANSI model, although I had indicated EU plug.
The power supply is universal, but you have to connect the plug yourself.

in my case it was no problem, as I have US plug adapters and I don't use the shipped PSU, but I charge through the USB-C port.

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