Pixel Headphones (USB-C)
Not sure if this is posted elsewhere as a quick search didn't show it.

Happened upon my Pixel Headphones and plugged them into my PBP Running Manjaro, after setting them to default in the gui mixer they work just fine even show in the Mixer as "Pixel USB-C earbuds Analog Stereo"
and how do they sound? mic quality? Smile
Sound as good as they do on my pixel, I hadn't checked on the mic, I'll test it tomorrow and come back with the results.
Few days late, Apologies, Mic is a bit quiet by default but the quality sound fine, Mind you I'm not an audiophile nor do I have the best of hearing so minor things may slip passed me.

I run a mumble server(external to the following two systems) at the moment for me a few friends and I logged into it from both my normal desktop and the PBP(wired usb3 GB eth), While talking into the PBP and listening on the desktop it sounded great, no lag or stutter.

If I sound surprised, before the PBP I had an Asus c201(4gb ram version) which I had running linux and mumble on it never seemed a possibility as it didn't seem fast enough, anyone listening would get what sounded like a slow motion playback of what ever I said into the 201. 

So this is a pleasant surprise.
thanks again. i was already thinking to get these for my pixel. sold.! Wink

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