PinePhone UBports UK Users & Beyond
Hi Everyone how's your day going?

So As a new Linux person I am hoping you guys and help me out with some info regarding the Pinephone UBports.

1) Does anyone here have the Pinephone UBports edition up and running in the UK, if you do I would really like to hear from you, beyond the UK is great as well.

2) How are you finding the UBports edition?

3) Pinephone UBports vs Librem 5 what are we saying?

Thanks in advance

(05-17-2020, 09:27 AM)LinuxNew Wrote: Hey, I'm doing great thanks, how about yourself?

So firstly the PinePhone UBports edition will be shipping later this month, meaning no one anywhere will have a PinePhone, unless maybe you live in HongKong and work for Pine64 itself.

Theres some UK people who have the PinePhone Braveheart though, and I'll be enjoying getting my hands on my PinePhone UBports edition hopefully early to mid June.

I think everyone here says PinePhone, its a lot cheaper, has more OS's running on it, in a more stable fashion, the Pine64 guys are a lot more transparent about whats going on to the outside world, from what I've seen and heard.

Phoenix LandPirate.
(05-17-2020, 09:55 AM)PhoenixLandPirate Wrote:
(05-17-2020, 09:27 AM)LinuxNew Wrote: Hey, PhoenixLandPirate,

Sorry for the extremely slow reply!

Thanks for all the info it is much appreciated.

 Both the L5 & Pinephone look awesome.

Although I am confussed about the kill switchs?

The L5 seems to physically cut the power when used, but does the PinePhones HKS work the same way? Or do some physically cut the power and some ask the software to stop working?

Or are they all software based HKS?

How is the UBports version working for you?

Sorry again for the late response.

Thanks again.

With all respect, you seem new to forums too, this forum is only pinebook pro relative.

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