Pulse Secure Client on Pinebook Pro

So I am debating getting a pinebook pro since my laptop just died and I wanted something a little bit more fun, tinkery, inexpensive, etc. Than what I would get out of a normal laptop.

I just have one fear though, my school uses pulse secure as their vpn, and I would need to use this laptop a lot for schoolwork, and I need the vpn for various things (remoting in to shared computing resources, accessing my home drive, reading papers from IEEE xplore, ACM, SAE, etc.) but from what I have gathered, the pulse secure vpn client ONLY runs on x86 and AMD64.

I went over and asked about x86 emulation on ARM similar to WOW64 over on the level 1 forums, but they just recommended I use QEMU+chroot and said that you'd probably be more help over here.

So here's my issue, is there a way to emulate x86 to run the pulse secure vpn client on the Pinebook Pro? My issue with chroot is that the whole system wouldn't inherit the connection.


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