Howto run Linux with resolution other than 1080p
(08-30-2016, 11:40 PM)wboson Wrote: Is there a method to move the menus position using X window settings or configurations such that the position will be lower and\or further into the horizontal \ vertical image area?

Thanks for any direction or ideas.

One thing that many have done to work-around this problem is to use vnc4server and the vncviewer on the same machine; in other words, you close your normal desktop.  Then you start an X session on your local machine (it will be off the screen too, but we don't care. Then you start a vnc4server on your local machine with default geometry of something reasonable like 1367x768, at position 20,20, and then on the same machine you start the vncviewer on localhost, displaying on your X session you started earlier. The vnc session can be made to be whatever size and location you want it to be.  The reason this works is that X is a networked interface, and that works over unix domain sockets just as well as over the network. 

You will want to play around with the position and geometry settings to get it the way you want it. Another thing, you do not need a desktop up to run this, just an X server for the vncviewer to run in... it does not even have to have a window manager running !
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