Building a new SD card
(04-26-2020, 11:12 PM)mabs Wrote: Hi,

are you sure your new SD ist not broken.
Why not make a copy using dd or ddrescue of
The good SD to a file for backup purpose and
copy the new OS on that SD, maybe that works.


Nope, 100% positive, SD is good, computer is also good.

I was poking around the site when I noticed on the front page (who read that ... ;-) ) and found that there is an official version of Debian. So I followed the links, zcat'd the images together and etcher'd the image to the same SD card. Not only did it boot, I now have serial port access at 1500000 (1.5Mbaud - sure beat the 110 baud I started out with decades ago).

Official Debian support

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