Mr. Fixit Script Manual Update + MicroSD Boot help
(04-14-2020, 12:14 PM)mlentink Wrote: Hi, thanks for the heads-up. It seems I had several bad cards, so bought a few new ones and that fixed the booting problem.

I always use F3 to test every new card I buy.

Unfortunately, it's difficult to rely on branding because there are so many forgeries on the market.
Whenever I buy a new card, or find an old one, new to me,
ALWAYS test with F3. Plenty of fakes out there, even from amazon
The 1st thing I do. Anybody reputable will refund
Do understand,,binary GB is 7% smaller then digital GB
Thanks to all the comments about sd-cards. had a few, but those were all failrly old and much used. They turned out to be crappy. I bought myself some good ones and am now trying out the Manjaro KDE image (again, looks impressive, but does not automatically recognize ntfs formatted external drives. I'll find out how to configure that. I've also succesfully flashed Q4OS, which actually looks pretty cool for a KDE3 based DE and has the added advantage (for me!) of being based on Debian. Th one that's currently running is Ayufan's Bionic LXDE which runs smooth like butter. A few quirks like havung to install bluez to get my bluetooth mouse working, but it being based on ubuntu I pretty much know how to fix stuff like that.

I'd like to get a wired network connection, and I've tried two usb-ethernet-dongles for that but neither work. I think that's somthing for another thread.

For now, my booting from sd-cards issue is resolved, and I can put my stay-at-home-time to gooed use by tinkering a bit further.

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