minimalist/no-pulseaudio sound
Has anyone been using their PineBook Pro without PulseAudio or in some otherwise minimalist config and playing audio or videos with sound?

Have any interesting findings or discoveries to share?

I've got a minimalist-ish Debian install on mine with no PulseAudio (and no desktop-environment, just a window manager).  I've managed to get sound working through headphones, but I've run into problems getting the builtin speakers to work that I haven't fully investigated yet.

When I run alsamixer or alsamixergui, I get an overwhelming display with over 30 different controls, some of which have level sliders and some of which seem to be on/off only.  Most of them are somewhat cryptically labelled (at least for a
non-audio-geek like myself)  I've found two different controls that (usefully) affect the volume of the headphones, but the one that is labelled "Speaker" is just an on/off control.

I wonder if I should expect/assume that this will get better in future versions of the kernel or the device-tree.
minimal debian install with v5.6 branch kernel
alsa state from manjaro pinebook-post-install
alsactl nrestore

is all i have needed

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