Is it possible to avoid interacting with uBoot ?
I recently placed my order for the PBP, before i realized that it may require interaction with uBoot, which can only be done using an external terminal connection with a horribly simplistic usb adapter...
So my question is, is there any way to edit the uBoot configuration outside of uBoot ? I.e. disk editing?

Also, would i need to rebuild and reinstall uboot every time the kernel is upgraded?

I don't suppose there are any tools to manipulate uboot from linux ?
you dont need to do any of that with a reasonable distro.

Manjaro lives a one kernel life, and so does the default debian os.

rolling your own debian you can have multiple kernels, edit extlinux.conf and reboot to a different kernel at will. but you dont have to.
Thanks, that helps to clarify. And the extlinux.conf is in /boot as i understand.

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