Problem updating Manjaro

I'm trying to update my Manjaro install and I'm hitting errors trying to connect to "".  Any ideas?

I had a similar problem today trying to update a manjaro image I hadn't used in a few weeks. The 2020.02 release notes suggest manually updating the mirror list. After following those instructions I was able to download all the new packages, but the kernel package fails its signature check, so I still haven't been able to update.

I was able to solve the kernel signing issue by running
sudo pacman -Sy manjaro-arm-keyring
(03-19-2020, 02:31 PM)bceverly Wrote: Hi,

I'm trying to update my Manjaro install and I'm hitting errors trying to connect to "".  Any ideas?


I think you're using older version of Manjaro image and this error is caused by change in our mirror repo structure. 
Old mirrors are no longer active. 

You will have to install the latest mirrors manually using the following command. 
sudo pacman -U

sudo pacman-mirrors -b stable

sudo pacman-mirrors -g

sudo pacman -Syyuu

I hope this works and if it doesn't work then you need to flash the latest image which is 20.02.1 from official manjaro page.

Try the above and let me know. 
Manjaro ARM Team.
Devices: Pinebook Pro & PinePhone.

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