Manjaro and Arch repository with privacy oriented software
Repo updated.

New versions:

1. LibreWolf (librewolf-80.0.1-aarch64).

New additions:

1. briar-gtk (briar-gtk-0.1.0.alpha2-1-aarch64).
2. briar-gtk-git (briar-gtk-git-0.1.0.alpha2.r2.g55a4578-2-aarch64).
3. Nheko (nheko-0.7.2-3-aarch64).
4. Nheko-git (nheko-git-0.7.2.r1803.b5d406a-1-aarch64).

Please treat both Nheko packages as beta or experimental since they were not stable for us throughout testing.
@as400, I'm not able to send messages with signal-desktop-1.34.5-2. Having to downgrade to -1. Are you aware? Having similar issues? If you want me to run from terminal and send some logs or something let me know. Thanks!
Yep, I can reproduce this. Didn't catch it, because I didn't "have to" send a message with that release yet.

That is very odd. I'll look into this – I did have more complications during the most recent build, which I had to work around in hacky ways; maybe those are at the root of this.

I'll get back to you as soon as I can :)
@llsf Awesome, thank you! If there's any info I can provide to support let me know!
@TheBackburner: I've just pushed a new build (signal-desktop-1.34.5-3) to the repo. It "works for me" – but please don't hesitate to get back to me should you still have this (or another) issue with it!
@llsf Working fine again! Thanks for the update!
In the meantime Caidao (ungoogled chromium) was updated to version 85 (caidao-85.0.4183.83-2-aarch64).
I've just pushed a new signal-desktop release, 1.35.1-2. That was quite horrible to build, so be aware that things might break when you use it:

This most recent signal release includes voice/video calling. I have not yet been able to test if those new features work as intended with my build, but at least the "base features" (ie. writing and receiving encrypted messages) seem to still work as intended.

Also, I've not yet been able to get the build process for it "PKGBUILDized" – basically there's no precompiled libringrtc.node provided (for aarch64) by signal-ringrtc-node, which means having to build ringrtc, which requires getting separate depot_tools, clang 11, ncurses5-compat-libs and quite some fiddling with build flags, variables and build pathes to build, as at no point has non-android-aarch64 seemed to have been considered a thing.

I'll still try to get this more streamlined in such a way that I can put it in the PKGBUILD, or at least provide usable build instructions so the required library can be built by others should it be desired to build from source :)
Repo updated.

New versions:

1. Caidao - ungoogled Chromium (caidao-85.0.4183.102-1-aarch64).
2. jitsi-meet-desktop (jitsi-meet-desktop-2.3.1-2-aarch64).
3. hamsket-nightly-bin (hamsket-nightly-bin-0.6.0-16-aarch64).
4. standardnotes-desktop-git (standardnotes-desktop-git-3.4.4.r0.ga93443c-1-aarch64).

New additions:

1. Quaternion - Matrix client (quaternion-git) --> not electron based.
2. Mirage - Matrix client (matrix-mirage-git) --> not electron based.
Just a few notes:

I've updated signal-desktop to 1.36.1-1, and have now also added an updated PKGBUILD for the version to keep it all as transparent as possible.

Furthermore, I've now explained how to build the new dependency for aarch64 outside of a PKGBUILD:


Also: ferdi currently does not work with electron 10 and I have not yet managed to build it for it.

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