Battery backup and automatic shutdown and startup
So it seems like while the capabilities are theoretically there, there's probably not yet a good way to do this in the software, which is a common problem with all these proprietary ARM SoCs.

I'm thinking the best way to proceed is probably to do power management separate from the Pine (or Pi or whatever)  Maybe another microcontroller can monitor power, and signal the pine when power goes away so Pine will do a proper software shutdown, and then the microcontroller can cut the power entirely to the board until mains returns, after which it would power the Pine back on.

Question for anyone that knows. Can the Pine64 be powered from the 5v pin exposed in the Pi-compatible expansion port?  If so then the Pico UPS that has already been developed for use with the Pi should work with the Pine64.  That would give me the software link I need.

Anyway I think I'll pick up a Pine64 to play with in the meantime. 



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