Shipping and virus concerns

I bought my pinebook pro near the end of Jan and it's now shipping, but due to the coronavirus fears I wonder what is best to quarantine the package once I get it.
I got mine at the end of January and all was well. Then on Feb 28th my 128emmc and USB emmc adapter came in, that too resulted with no sickness. You have valid concerns but there is a lot of fear mongering going as of late. Once it arrives you can always spray the package with disinfectant and also each layer as you open it. Or let it sit somewhere in house like basement or garage for 9 days. The 9 day thing was from some article about how long the virus can live on hard surfaces. Being that it shipped from China you probably already have a few days under your belt. I can't find the exact article I got the info from how long the virus survives but here is one more recent.
You have a better chance to get the virus from your local delivery man than from a Chinese package.
I think it's a good idea to take the same precautions for any of your deliveries. Smile

As explained on TV:
- Don't touch the package and contents with face, mouth, tongue
- Don't touch your face and eyes with your hands after handling the package. Wash your hands first

Wish you well and hopefully you'll enjoy your new PBP!
If you want to be absolutely sure:

1. bring your package inside and then wash your hands
2. leave your package alone for 3 days. Don't touch it or anything. Just let it sit there. The virus can survive 12 hours on cardboard and 3 days on plastic/metal
3. at the end of the 3 days you can open your completely virus-free pinebook

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