Best Solution to run a TvHeadend on Rock64?
Didn't need hauppauge support myself. My driver hadn't been back ported in the kernel I was using so using the PPA from Brad Love's GitHub did the trick. Just letting the OP know what to look out for.
This could work for DVB-S2:
@Tetterl It absolutely could! I almost posted a link to the LinuxTV wiki page for supported devices, but it hasn't been kept up and all the devices listed on the page were relics by now. There are far more supported USB tuners than given.
The OP should find all the driver and firmware support he needs here. Brad Love is active and only too glad to help
I try to install:
Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic minimal 64bit (arm64) Image [microSD / eMMC Boot] [0.8.3]

When I start the Rock64 there is no desktop.
Kind of Terminal.
I put in User/Password both rock64, but it stays in Terminal.
Is ther any command to go to desktop?
Is this a bug, what can I do?

Then I tried:
Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic LXDE Desktop Image [microSD / eMMC Boot] [0.8.3]
But this started with Debian! Funny.

What is my mistake?
Where do I find a working Version of Ubuntu minimal or Desktop??

Thanks again!


Image I found on:
was this:

Possible too old, is the Wiki Version old?

Now I download from github:

Hope this will work.
"minimal" means no desktop ...

You can try some images from
Thank you.
Then minimal is too minimal for me.

I will take:
Do you want your Rock64 with TV Headend to run as a server only or are you wanting a front end to work on it too. If its purely a server minimal will do fine

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