OS Suitable for 2GB MicroSD?
Hey guys, I received my Pine in the mail yesterday only to discover that I've misplaced my wondrously important 8GB card. Only one I have on hand until my Amazon order comes in is a 2GB one, and I'm curious if there's an OS image out there yet small enough to run on it.

Doesn't have to be anything special, even just a command line to tinker with would be fine. Preferably Linux based.

All help is appreciated  Cool
Not that I know of, but there is a debian build coming which should fit on a 2gb card.

You can take a look here at available imgs:


or here on the official wiki:

You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

Use the simple image I provide and combine it with any rootfs you want with the partition size you want and don't forget the kernel modules. Trivial when you have some skills in that area.

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