Recalbox Image is available
A pre-release of newest Recalbox for the Pinebook Pro is now available.

Download Link
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

Nice, I'll try it out!
Hope the performance of Kodi in Recalbox is better than in Debian on the PBP Smile
Does it have panfrost drivers?
I just booted it, works with my arcade stick. What emulators are available? I don't see PSP, Dreamcast, Genesis, n64, arcade, etc. listed. I haven't copied anything over yet.
Power Distribution Tech and AV by trade, but I have been using Linux since around 2002.  I like the raspberry pi and pinebook pro, SBCs and the possibilities they open.
Awesome!  I loaded it on SD card, let it boot.  copied some roms.  Played SNES and NES a bit.

I am looking forward to more emulators!
By the way, this is really awesome, I am looking forward for more builds and emulators.

Also, I wasn't able to install kodi-pvr-mythtv in kodi, it gave me errors. I will try to get more details.

Keep up the great work!

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